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Vulnerability Disclosure Programs

Vulnerability disclosure programs are a great way to manage vulnerabilities. Launch public or private bug bounty programs using Nassec’s vulnerability management system. Don’t have In-house security team? Don’t worry Nassec also has an experienced triage support team for bug bounty programs.

Vulnerability Disclosure Programs are also called bug bounty programs because vulnerability disclosure programs are run to allow ethical hackers to find vulnerabilities (bugs) and reward (bounty) them for their contribution. Mostly, the motive of cyber attacks is financial gain. The idea of bug bounty is to discourage cyber attacks by rewarding hackers with money and recognition for finding loopholes that can lead to cyber attacks. 

For complex systems, VAPT, Red Teaming or having an in house cyber security team is not only enough to manage vulnerabilities. Hundreds of hackers are preying everyday to find weaker systems and exploit them for financial gains. A single vulnerability exposes organizations to huge risks. This is where vulnerability disclosure programs come into effect and are very effective.

Benefits of Bug Bounty Programs

  1. Bug bounty programs help discourage black hat (hacking for wrong reasons) and give organizations a peace of mind. 
  2. Most of the bug bounty hunters are experienced hackers. They hack like the bad guys.They will find vulnerabilities that your security researchers cannot find. Thus, contributing to make your system more secure. 
  3. Bug bounty programs offer continuous management of vulnerabilities. 

Private Bug Bounty

(Invite selected hacker's from our pool of ethical hackers and launch a private bug bounty program)

A private bug bounty program is a kind of vulnerability disclosure program where hackers with specific skill sets are invited and asked to run exploits into a system to find bugs and report them for fixing. Private bug bounty programs are very effective for systems that contain sensitive data. 

Public Bug Bounty

(Let all our ethical hackers pentest your product rigorously and reap maximum benefit out of it)

A public bug bounty program is a kind of vulnerability disclosure program where hackers from any part of the world can test the system, find bugs and report them for fixing. Public bug bounty programs are very effective for complex systems. 

How to run Vulnerability Disclosure Program?

To run a vulnerability disclosure program, you’ll need a vulnerability management system or choose a crowd sourced bug bounty platform to launch the program.

Step 1: Recruit a security team or outsource responsibility to a trusted third party cyber security firm.

Step 2: Design a bug bounty program with description, scope, rewards and terms and conditions. 

Step 3: Launch  private/public vulnerability disclosure programs

Step 4: Manage vulnerabilities according to priority

Step 5: Reward and apply fixes