IS Audit

Our security researchers will test the whole IT system to identify and resolve any security risks within the system. It covers security policies, encryptions, data, backups, networks, controls, applications, devices, firewalls, anti-virus and human behavior.

An information security audit covers the following things.

Network And Controls

The network audit involves full audit of your network system. We’ll mainly check for network vulnerabilities and entry points to bar unwanted access and make sure it cannot be intercepted by a third party. Next, we’ll check the control system to audit interception controls, availability controls and access controls.


We’ll conduct an analysis of encryption policies in place to check whether it has been implemented properly or not for data protection at appropriate stages. Our auditors will make sure that procedures are in place to ensure encrypted sensitive information arrives at its location and is stored properly.


Our auditors will look into security controls and how they work for passwords, termination procedures, user accounts and remote access.


Our security researchers will perform a security audit for all sorts of applications being used by the organization. It includes security audits of internal applications, mobile and web applications.

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Security Tools

Audit of security tools involves testing various tools such as firewalls, VPN, anti virus etcs.

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Security Policy

Finally, Our Auditors Will Also Audit The Security Policies In Place To Make Sure It Aligns With Standard Practice