Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is cyber security important to both individuals and businesses?

    Yes, cyber security is important to both individuals and businesses. Cyber security is important to individuals because some way or other we all are connected to the internet which means we’re exposed to the risk of being attacked by wrongdoers. Similarly, with the way we do business and the way how businesses communicate with its customers, has changed in recent years, data and information are the most valuable assets. Any activity that compromises sensitive data and information will expose business to huge financial and brand losses.

  • Is security audit expensive?

    Security audit is relatively cheaper and beneficial. On average, for businesses a cyber attack incurs $3.92 million in losses (Security Intelligence, 2019). Businesses spent millions to create IT Infrastructure. Spending a few thousands on its protection is a wise investment.

  • Is security audit a one time thing?

    No, security audits are not a one time thing. Security audits should be conducted on a regular basis.

  • How does Vulnerability Management Solutions help prevent cyber attack?

    60% of cyber attacks happen because of unpatched vulnerability. Thus, having an efficient vulnerability management solution automatically helps decrease cyber attacks by 60%.

  • I have a SAAS product, which of your services is best for me?

    Generally, if you own a SAAS product, VAPT followed by Red Teaming is the best for you. However, it also depends on a lot of other factors. Thus, once we have a full understanding of your product, only then can we come up with a best solution for you.

  • How do you work?

    We work both on site and remote. Keeping the pandemic in mind, we’ve fully moved to working remotely. Apart from IS Audit, we deliver all our services remotely.

  • Why should we choose you?

    You should choose us because we’re very good at what we do, we’re professional, we understand our clients and communicate with them well and we’ve been trusted by a lot of companies.

  1. We understand your requirement and propose a solution.
  2. You make changes (if necessary) and finalize the service that you want to choose.
  3. We sign a contract and NDA and you make a small payment for the work.
  4. We deliver the service in coordination with your team.
  5. You pay us the remaining amount and the contract automatically expires