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Secure your blockchain applications such as crypto trading platforms, wallets and smart contracts.


Blockchain is secure but blockchain applications are not. The 2017 attack on Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), an application based on the Ethereum blockchain, justifies this statement even more.

Security researchers have found that Blockchain technology is prone to DoS, sybil, eclipse and routing attacks. Security researchers have also found vulnerabilities on smart contracts. Thus, we highly recommend doing a security audit of your blockchain application before deploying.

Solutions that we offer for blockchain security


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Black Box Testing

We'll perform a black box testing to identify external factors that could let hackers exploit the application. We'll mainly test for login, authentication, storage, transaction, server communication and API endpoints from an attacker's perspective.


Source Code Review

We’ll perform a source code review to find loopholes in the code itself. We’ll begin by understanding the system and looking for logical issues. Then, we'll look for encryption errors, buffer overflows and race conditions. We’ll also look for third party modules, user authentication, session management, data storage and validation.